See What Matters’ on Complex Networks

As the industry leader in network visibility, Gigamon has deep knowledge about the benefits of visibility in all its forms. We’re sharing some of this information in our just-launched “See what matters.™” campaign. Read on for a glimpse at the initial round of content now live on our website.

Ebook: Security Inside Out—The top seven reasons to optimize your network security model with a security delivery platform

Securing an IT network is now more daunting and complex than ever. You deal with an ever-expanding menu of critical threats, including those originating from cyber-terrorism, ransomware, malware, and from inside your organization.

What if you could automate, simplify, and boost the efficiency of all your security operations? And do so across every environment—appliance, virtual, and cloud—equally?

To help make that a reality, we’ve put together a highly informative ebook featuring the top seven reasons to optimize your network security model with a security delivery platform:

  1. Legacy security models are no match for modern threats.
  2. The anatomy of today’s threats is increasingly complex.
  3. Consequences can be persistent: You may be vulnerable to continuous attacks.
  4. Intrusions take a long time to detect…and they have a long lease on life.
  5. SecOps pros face a perfect storm of challenges.
  6. Security fundamentals have changed. How we address threats has not.
  7. Ad-hoc security deployments have unintended consequences.

Read the full ebook for a deeper dive into each point, as well as facts on the persistent consequences of threats that keep on stealing, the unintended consequences of ad-hoc security deployments, and helpful ways you can reduce the overhead, complexity, and cost of network security.

Infographic: This Is Not a Gap

We’ve also prepared an infographic that reveals that 90% of organizations have a long way to go to reach full network visibility and security. Check it out for more on that as well as the:

  • Rising difficulty of network security ops as reported by IT
  • Six reasons for coverage gaps
  • Suggestions on the how and why of closing said gaps

View the infographic »

Case study: University of Kansas Health System

For a real-world glimpse into contemporary security concerns and the relevance of security delivery platforms, see this case study on the University of Kansas Health System. The breadth and complexity of the organization’s IT infrastructure grew until it became a difficult-to-secure maze of hard-to-test FDA-regulated medical devices, point of sale systems, and countless transitory devices.

Reading the case study reveals how the organization successfully navigated these challenges such that it can now properly scrutinize all incoming traffic without impacting network performance.

When you oversee a network tied to critical patient care, it is essential to keep it both live and secure on a continual basis. There’s no room for error.
- Henry Duong, Infrastructure Security Manager, University of Kansas Health System

See what matters

You can access these and other educational materials at the “See what matters.” campaign’s landing page. Stay tuned for more as we share more knowledge in the coming months.

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