Report: Lack of Visibility Is a Leading Obstacle to Securing Enterprise and Cloud Networks

A new report by independent market research company Vanson Bourne reveals that a lack of visibility is leaving organizations struggling to identify network data and investigate suspicious network activity tied to malicious attacks.

The survey, “Hide and Seek: Cybersecurity and the Cloud,” pinpoints the three root causes of data blindness that are posing network security risks:

  • A large amount of network data remains hidden due to data and tools still being segmented between NetOps and SecOps.
  • Monitoring and security tools are stressed by the increasing speed and growth of network traffic.
  • High-value information is being migrated to the cloud, where visibility is limited and application data is not easily accessible.

How Gigamon Solutions Can Help

The Gigamon® Visibility Platform directly addresses network blind spots by offering:

  • The most scalable visibility platform with up to 800Gbps of processing capability per node and up to 25.6Tbps when clustered.
  • Cross-architecture deployments on premises, in remote offices and in the cloud to securely migrate to public clouds.
  • An end to siloed data with monitoring and security tools consistently accessing the same data, encrypted or not.

Gigamon solves data blindness by providing security and network operations teams with the pervasive visibility and control to automate and accelerate threat detection for securing enterprises and hybrid clouds. Learn more about our Gigamon Visibility Platform and Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS.

Download the complete Vanson Bourne Survey report at

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