NetFlow Generation: The Security Value Proposition

Countless IT teams have scoured NetFlow/IPFIX data to pinpoint performance problems and spot signs of a security breach. This technique, though relatively inexpensive, can be extremely taxing on the networking devices responsible for generating such data (namely, routers and switches), resulting in increased latency and lost packets. Now there is a better way. Download the new white paper from Gigamon titled NetFlow Generation: The Security Value Proposition to learn how GigaSECURE®, the IT industry’s first Security Delivery Platform, can be used to generate NetFlow/IPFIX data.

This solution will:

  • Reduce the burden of traffic monitoring on your networking devices
  • Minimize latency and lost packets
  • Provide a more comprehensive view of network traffic to better spot performance problems and security breaches

Here’s a preview of the white paper content:

Smarter NetFlow generation with GigaSECURE

Generating NetFlow data can significantly hamper network performance—and the side effects don’t end there. (See “The Challenge with Generating NetFlow on Routers and Switches” on Page 1 of the white paper to learn more.)

Now GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform can be used to generate NetFlow data. The result: a comprehensive picture of network activity without the normal NetFlow networking strain. It also provides the powerful benefits of policy-based filtering and the ability to forward NetFlow data to the right security tools—fast.

Here are some of the most popular use cases so far:

  • Enforce egress filtering policy
  • Detect zero-day threats
  • Find compromised endpoints and botnets
  • Chain security devices
  • Reduce cost of security monitoring
  • Enable forensics

(See Page 2 of the white paper for more on the above use cases.)

Figure 1. Key components of the GigaSECURE Security Deliver Platform.

Figure 1. Key components of the GigaSECURE Security Deliver Platform.

There’s more

The white paper also includes information on other GigaSECURE platform features such as:

  • Flow Mapping®
  • Application Session Filtering
  • APIs
  • Extensions to the IPFIX format

Check out the full white paper today. And for more ideas for using flow data (particularly IPFIX) for security purposes, see “Which to use for security analytics, IPFIX or sFlow” by Shehzad Merchant, Chief Technology Officer at Gigamon.

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