Gigamon Launches GigaSECURE, the Industry’s First Security Delivery Platform

In July Gigamon introduced GigaSECURE®—the IT industry’s first Security Delivery Platform—offering enterprises a more efficient and cost-effective security architecture. The timing couldn’t be better. A recent survey of more than 800 security decision-makers showed that “71% of respondents’ networks were breached in 2014, up from 62%” and “52% of respondents believe a successful attack is likely in 2015.” (2015 Cyberthreat Security Report)

It is clear from the frequency and significance of the number of malicious attacks around the globe, that the balance of power is in the hands of professional cybercriminals and malicious actors,” says Paul Hooper, Gigamon CEO, in a blog post titled “Why Now? … Why a Security Delivery Platform?

This shift can be attributed to a few fundamental changes in IT:

  • Virtualization: Virtual traffic can be extremely difficult to monitor, resulting in infrastructure blind spots throughout the hybrid network
  • Encryption: More and more malware is hiding in encrypted traffic, which can be opaque to security applications
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): The advent of mobile has increased the attack surface and opened up new inroads for hackers
  • East-west traffic: A significant increase in east-west traffic (the traffic that travels between servers in a data center), combined with the rise of virtualization in the data center, has left IT struggling to identify a security breach once it has taken place

So the question is, how can companies secure ever-expanding, increasingly complex networks? Perimeter-based security approaches are no longer effective. In fact, according to Hooper, “Security today is less about preventing a breach; the strategic emphasis is now geared toward better detection, tighter containment, and faster remediation.”

When it comes to detection, containment, and remediation, one principle holds true: Organizations cannot secure what they cannot see.

Gigamon addresses these issues in the following ways:

  • The GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform eliminates infrastructure blind spots by capturing physical, virtual, and encrypted traffic, and delivering the right data to the right security tool—fast
  • The GigaSECURE platform extends the reach of existing security tools, wherever they are in a network, by giving them the information they need when they need it

Seeing is securing

Sampling traffic to spot security breaches used to be the norm. Today, this method is insufficient. Virtualization and encryption have opened up blind spots in networks; east-west traffic is growing fast; and BYOD has expanded the attack surface immeasurably.

These days companies need to assume hackers will get in, and monitor all network traffic all the time for signs of a security breach. This is where GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform comes in.

Figure 1: Under the hood of the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform.

Figure 1: Under the hood of the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform.

The GigaSECURE platform features a combination of scalable hardware and software elements that provide:

  • High-fidelity, unsampled NetFlow/IPFIX generation
  • Application Session Filtering
  • SSL decryption
  • Inline bypass capabilities
  • Support for inline and out-of-band security device deployments
  • And more

This allows organizations to view their entire network and spot security issues, no matter where they reside.

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