Gigamon Community Site: From Rapid Growth to Big Success

When we last checked in on the highly successful new Gigamon Community site, it was on a rapid upward trajectory of consistent and impressive growth, garnering more than 2,000 logins since launching! It’s clear that people are using the site to learn, grow, share and collaborate with peers and tech industry insiders alike.

Quick Engagement

Due to the overwhelmingly positive results of the Community site, we thought we’d check in with Gigamon Technical Community Manager, Jon Zucker, to get a more thorough read on what’s driving its success. When asked to describe the site’s engagement, his answer is simple and to the point, saying, “It’s been great to see a high number of visitors — and new members.”

It’s certainly impressive — perhaps even more so — that the Community has grown “in just a few short weeks.” Engagement between users in the Community includes members posting timely articles benefitting both NetOps and SecOps, allowing for instant access to critical technical information.

Some of the other trending topics he sees on the site include:

  • Gigamon GigaVUE® product line
  • Network taps
  • Traffic intelligence
  • Fabric Manager

It’s Interactive and Offers Faster Time-to-Value Ratio

What are the main benefits of engaging in the Community? Once again Jon cites the Community’s “instant access” users have to everything from product configuration to learning best practices from experts. It’s all there with an immediacy that results in a “faster time-to-value” ratio while simultaneously giving users a chance to sharpen and hone their technical expertise.

The site’s interactive nature also results in a healthy dose of competition, too. When other members “like or upvote their contributions,” they’re then recognized on the Community Leaderboard.

Jon’s favorite feature of the Community? He answers definitively and without missing a beat, saying, “It’s definitely our Ideas and Insights page,” where users can post and vote on feature enhancements. Put quite simply, it’s “a great way for us to make our products even better.” We can’t argue with that!

Successful, Interactive and Easy to Join!

  • It’s easy to join by registering at the Gigamon Community web site. If you’re a customer you’ll be able to access additional features by entering the serial number of a Gigamon product during registration. If you don’t have that number handy, you can always add it later.
  • If you already have an account with Gigamon, you’re already a Member. Simply log in using your existing login information.

Log in today and begin collaborating with other industry professionals and experts!

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