Gigamon ATR: A NEW Blog Site, a Featured Post and Who Is Gigamon ATR?

Gigamon Applied Threat Research (ATR) recently launched its own blog site and web page, giving you a more in-depth resource to help stay on top of network security threats. The most recent security-focused report posted last month takes a deep dive into the latest crimeware trends, so you can detect, investigate and stay ahead of the crimeware game.

Other compelling topics covered in the ATR blogs include loads of critical findings and research you’ll want to know about, including:

  • FIN7: A financially motivated threat that targets large organizations that rely upon significant point-of-sale environments and process payment card data.
  • Identification of vulnerability in Adobe Flash: Gigamon ATR identified active exploitation of zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash, seemingly targeting an organization in Russia.
  • Malicious extensions: Gigamon ATR discovered the presence of malicious Google Chrome extensions, potentially enabling a massive click-fraud campaign.

These are but a few of the posts you’ll find on the new ATR blog site. Each post is comprehensive and offers thorough research, giving you a broad overview of what is out there and how to act preemptively.

Who Is the Gigamon Applied Threat Research (ATR) Team?

Formerly the well-known Security Research Team at ICEBRG, Gigamon ATR comprises expert researchers with extensive experience creating leading-edge detection, investigation and response capabilities through world-class threat research.

Gigamon ATR research doesn’t go unnoticed. Here are a few previous articles published from their work:

Get Help with Gigamon Insight

Research, reports and blog posts aren’t all Gigamon ATR has up its sleeves. Their research provides high-quality, low false-positive rates on detections offered within the Gigamon Insight security solution. With the Insight solution you can now consolidate your intrusion detection, forensics and incident response in a single SaaS-based platform that rapidly scales with your business. In other words, the Gigamon Insight solution lets you stop managing tools and start securing your organization.

Learn more today from the Gigamon ATR blog and web page — they’re invaluable resources that give you the knowledge and power to tackle security threats today!

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