General Availability of GigaSECURE Cloud for Microsoft Azure

Gigamon recently announced the general availability of GigaSECURE® Cloud for Microsoft Azure. Developed for enterprise customers with mission-critical applications deployed in Azure, GigaSECURE Cloud enables organizations to acquire, optimize and distribute selected traffic to security and monitoring tools, ensuring business-critical data in the cloud is protected and monitored by security operations.

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Enterprises are increasingly migrating to the public cloud and taking advantage of its on-demand economies of scale, availability and elasticity. In order to safeguard sensitive data and information across public and hybrid cloud architectures, it’s essential for organizations to access all the data traversing their cloud infrastructure, including Azure.

Our customers are increasingly working in multi-cloud environments to increase their operational efficiency. They require a platform-based solution that can be implemented seamlessly across cloud and on-premises infrastructure,” said Ananda Rajagopal, Vice President, Products at Gigamon. “Our integration with Microsoft allows us to support customers on this journey with a cloud-agnostic platform that extends their enterprise cybersecurity posture to Microsoft Azure while taking advantage of a reliable, scalable and available cloud environment.”

GigaSECURE Cloud offers:

  • Increased Security – Centralized platform complements security monitoring of all Azure Virtual Networks by acquiring and sending the right data to the right security tools.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency – One platform across the entire IT environment means one consistent method to acquire network traffic and apply traffic intelligence before distributing to multiple security tools for analysis.
  • Improved Operational Agility – Tight integration with Azure APIs enables the platform to automatically detect changes in Azure Virtual Networks.
  • NetFlow and IPFIX Record Generation – Generation of summary flow records from network traffic to determine IP source and destination of traffic, class of service, and causes of congestion optimizes security tool performance.
  • Cloud Security for Linux and Windows Workloads – G‑vTAP Agent supports both Linux and Windows workloads in Azure, including Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016.

Our enterprise customers require a comprehensive network security framework that can proactively detect threats and assure cloud security,” said Ryan McGee, Director, Microsoft Security Marketing, Microsoft Corp. “We’re excited to work with Gigamon on solutions for Microsoft Azure customers who benefit from increased visibility to identify and respond to security or network anomalies while deploying mission-critical apps on Azure.”

Mark Kaplan, Director of IT at BARBRI Inc., said, “From what we’ve seen so far, we are extremely impressed. Gigamon has a unique approach for network traffic acquisition and optimization on Azure that helps organizations meet their security and performance monitoring requirements. It’s far superior to anything else currently available today.”


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