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Trust, but Verify: Detecting NotPetya Ransomware Variants in Your Networks

The recent NotPetya ransomware has disrupted facilities like power grids and financial institutions across the world. Early analysis shows that it is an updated variant of the previous version of the ransomware, WannaCry. Like WannaCry, NotPetya, too, uses the SMB (Server Message Block) vulnerability; however, unlike WannaCry, it also encrypts the host Master Boot Record (MBR). It […]

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WannaCry: Gigamon Experts Share Their Knowledge about the Attack

This month, an unprecedented ransomware cyber attack called WannaCry propagated at rare speed to encrypt and hold for ransom the files of numerous organizations across the globe. Beyond the obvious dangers, WannaCry’s compromised parts of the UK’s National Health Service network and put patients’ lives at risk. Gigamon’s security experts have been monitoring the situation […]

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Get Training Customized for Your Projects from Fast Lane’s Expert for Hire Service

Fast Lane, Gigamon’s global Premier Training Partner, recently launched an Expert for Hire (E4H) service that provides customized training to address your organization’s unique network architecture or specific project requirements. As per Chuck Terrien (CEO, Fast Lane-Americas), “The E4H service offering was born out of our strategic partnership with Gigamon and sets the stage for many more […]

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