Product News

See What’s New in GigaVUE‐OS 5.4

On July 30, Gigamon announced the general availability of GigaVUE‐OS 5.4. Release highlights include: Inline SSL Decryption on GigaVUE‐HC1 — all GigaSMART® functions are available on all GigaVUE‐HC platforms Thales HSM Integration for out‐of‐band SSL on GigaVUE‐HC1 and GigaVUE‐HC3 — previously on GigaVUE‐HC2 GigaVUE‐Fabric Manager Tool View — tracks throughput to security and networking tools GigaVUE‐TA200 — provides 25Gb support and 64 […]

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Last‐Day‐to‐Buy and End‐of‐Sale Announcements

GigaVUE‐HD4 and HD8 The last day to buy the GigaVUE‐HD4 and GigaVUE‐HD8 is June 30, 2018, with end of sale effective October 31, 2018. Service and Support will continue for customers with active Ltd Hardware Warranty and/or Gigamon Software and Product Support Agreement (“Support Agreement”) covering the products. Customers can continue to purchase the renewal […]

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