Ecosystem Partner Spotlight

Get Pervasive Visibility into Virtual Network Traffic in VMware NSX Environments

Virtualization is taking over IT—but we don’t need to tell you that. What we can tell you, however, is that if you’re using VMware NSX (or VMware ESX) to virtualize your environment, now is the time to check out the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform. As an NSX ecosystem partner, GigaSECURE can help you safeguard your network by: […]

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Gigamon’s #wefightsmart Campaign Unites Top Security Companies, Takes Aim at Cybercriminals

Cybercriminals: Now there's nowhere to hide.

It seems like no one is safe, with cybercriminals targeting everyone from small business to huge corporate conglomerates. In response, the world is spending ever more money on cyber security — $75 billion in 2015, a projected $170 billion by 2020 — but cyber crime only increases. But money in itself won’t solve the problem. […]

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Quickly Spot Security Breaches with a Metadata‐Centric Approach from Gigamon and Plixer

Security teams are staring down haystacks of data on a daily basis,” says Phil Griston, director of alliances and business development at Gigamon. “Why? So they can spot signs of a security breach before it’s too late.” Unfortunately, this kind of “needle in a haystack” approach can lead to a number of negative side effects, […]

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Solve Your Organization’s SSL Problem with the Joint Gigamon–Blue Coat Solution

It is the new reality that SSL traffic makes up a larger and larger portion of network traffic. According to a 2013 NSS report, “25%–35% of enterprise traffic [was] SSL and, depending on the industry vertical, the percentage … can reach as high as 70%.”1 Hackers have turned the rising SSL tide in their favor, hiding […]

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Securing Virtual Traffic Just Got Easier with the Joint Gigamon‐RSA Solution

Attacks happen. And with virtualization on the rise—in the form of VM, VDI, and SDDC technologies—they’re happening all the time. That’s where Gigamon and RSA come in. Designed to detect security breaches across both physical and virtual environments, this powerful joint solution enables you to capture traffic that travels exclusively between virtual machines and never […]

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FireEye + Gigamon: A One‐Two Knockout Punch

FireEye is one of today’s top security companies, leading the charge against advanced persistent threats (APTs) with industry‐leading solutions currently used by companies around the globe.1 These deployments can be enhanced with the advanced visibility, scaling, and efficiency provided by Gigamon’s solutions. The Gigamon Visibility Fabric™ extends the reach of FireEye threat detection to virtualized […]

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