Case Study: Black Hat — Securing the World’s Premier Cybersecurity Conference

Want a real-world example of the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform in action? Look no further than our role in helping secure the Black Hat Network Operations Center (NOC) at the popular Black Hat Las Vegas conference.

More details are found in the case study, which covers these points:


  • Short deployment window.
  • Pressure for stability, scalability and security from thousands of event attendees.
  • Contention for SPAN ports with high amounts of traffic.


  • GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform.
    • Reduced bottlenecking and port oversubscription.
    • Enabled rapid root-cause analysis.
    • Dramatically reduced time-to-resolution.
  • Plixer Scrutinizer.
  • RSA NetWitness Suite.


  • Visibility into network traffic and threats that previously could not have been detected.
  • Lower security tool costs.
  • Elimination of tool port contention.

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