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Metadata and Security: Two New Webinars You Won’t Want to Miss

Two new webinars examine the important role metadata can play in securing the enterprise. Why metadata? Because when it comes to security tools, the more traffic there is, the harder it is for tools to spot a breach. And that’s where the GigaSECURE® Metadata Engine comes in, by generating lightweight, unsampled NetFlow/IPFIX metadata and routing it […]

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Gigamon’s Top 10 IT Predictions for 2016

With the New Year on the horizon, we asked Johnnie Konstantas, director of security solutions marketing and business development at Gigamon, to peer into her crystal ball to bring you the leading predictions on what to expect in 2016. Check it out—exciting changes are imminent. SDN (software‐defined networks) will continue to be discussed, debated, and […]

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Tech Tip: Use the GigaVUE‐HC2 Copper TAP Module for Inline Bypass

Did you know that the Copper TAP module on Gigamon GigaVUE‐HC2 can now be used for inline bypass? GigaVUE‐OS™ 4.4 lets you configure the network ports of the GigaVUE‐HC2 TAP module (TAP‐HC0‐G100C0) as inline network ports. This enables the same Copper TAP hardware module to act as a copper bypass module, providing protected inline networks for copper ports. The TAP‐HC0‐G100C0 module features 12 pairs of […]

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