Are You Struggling to Comply with GDPR? We Can Help

In May 2018, strict new regulations on the use of personal data in the EU come into force. Known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), these new requirements will impose increased demands on your network monitoring and security tools.

Moreover, the GDPR applies to any organization doing business in the EU, even if it’s based elsewhere, and noncompliance could cost up to 4 percent of your global turnover or €20 million per data breach, whichever is greater.

We Can Help

Fortunately, as a Gigamon customer you’ve got help in the form of the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform, which gives the pervasive visibility into network traffic needed to eliminate blind spots, transform the accuracy and precision of data risk detection, optimize tool performance and form the backbone of a GDPR compliance strategy.

We’ve put together a special GDPR resources page to help get you started, which includes:

  • GDPR Overview: Implications of the GDPR and how Gigamon can help.
  • GDPR Webinar: GDPR compliance is challenging many types of businesses — see how Gigamon can help you comply.
  • Vanson Bourne Report: Lack of visibility into data makes GDPR compliance difficult. Get insights from surveyed global IT leaders.

Whether you’re based inside the EU or do business there, you’ll need to address this important topic before May 2018, so get started today.

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