All Killer, No Filler: How Metadata Became a Security Superpower at Gigamon

As enterprises battle to keep pace with online traffic growth by throttling up network speeds, they are beginning to lose the war on cybercrime. Why? Because security tools are limited in how much traffic they can intelligently process.

At the same time, these tools are tasked with taking on increasingly sophisticated functions to combat ever-more advanced and persistent cyberattacks. As a consequence, many existing security applications will be rendered ineffective in the very near future.

Enter Metadata, the New Security Superpower

The solution is to provide security tools metadata, summary takes of the data traversing networks that can separate signals from noise, reduce time to threat detection and improve overall security efficacy.

The Gigamon Visibility Platform is designed to offer key security insights based on metadata, and Jack Hamm, Principal Information Security Engineer at Gigamon, knows all the ways to get the most out of these features — in fact, he and his team use them to protect the Gigamon IT infrastructure.

In a blog post, he explains some of the threats metadata analysis can reveal:

  • Unusual patterns in HTTP response codes.
  • Connections to specific domains.
  • Contact with repudiated SSL certificate issuers.

Get More Tips in Jack’s On-Demand Webinar

Jack’s post is a hands-on introduction to the ways that metadata can make your life easier. Want to find out more? Watch the recording of Jack’s webinar, “All Killer, No Filler: How Metadata Became a Security Super Power at Gigamon.” You’ll learn:

  • How network security will increasingly rely on building context and intent.
  • Why network-based metadata, followed by programmable packet data streams, will become the most simple and comprehensive approach to security analytics.
  • How network visibility serves as the single source of truth for information about applications, users and devices.

The webinar is available now on demand and is a must if network visibility and security are important to you. Watch it today.

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